Patent disputes are fairly common in the business world. Patent are exclusive, publicly recognized rights to the use an invention or idea. When a person other than the owner of the patent uses the patented idea or technology, it can create a dispute. Often, litigation is the way these disputes are settled, but this is rarely the best option for settling issues related to patent infringement in California.

Patent litigation is expensive and unpredictable. In addition to using up important resources, it can result in a settlement that makes everyone unhappy. It can also be difficult to resolve patent issues through litigation because they feature so many complex technological aspects. Simplifying the details can result in a poor decision on the part of a judge or jury; explaining the details sufficiently extends the length of time it takes to resolve the issue.
Using mediation to settle patent disputes is a win-win situation that provides for greater control of the situation. For instance, instead of leaving the fate of something extremely important in the hands of strangers, you can opt to use patent mediation to settle your dispute. It avoids costly and time-consuming litigation and provides a flexible option. Patent disputes in California can be effectively settled with mediation.

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