Los Angeles Business Mediator

Los Angeles Business Mediator

Knowledgeable Los Angeles
Business Mediator Provides Guidance to Local Businesses

At Greg Wood, we focus on providing
amicable solutions to business disputes in a way that protects your reputation
and bottom line. After an extremely successful career as an intellectual
property and corporate litigator, Greg Wood decided to redirect his career to
helping businesses resolve disputes out of court. While the litigation
process can sometimes achieve a specific outcome, Mr. Wood saw firsthand the
limitations of the justice system and how often businesses going to war
against each other lost in terms of money, time and negative publicity.

As a dedicated Los Angeles business mediator, Mr. Wood
guides parties toward a mutually satisfactory resolution of their business
dispute. This allows both parties to walk away feeling like they won – and
avoid prolonged litigation that can bring frustration and waste time and

Why Choose Greg Wood?

With more than 35 years of experience as a litigator, Greg
Wood is one of the most knowledgeable commercial mediators in California. His
extensive experience allows him to guide participants during the mediation
process and provide an in-depth level of knowledge to explain the possible
outcomes the parties may encounter if they proceed with litigation. Greg has
successfully led more than 250 mediation matters and has also served as an
arbitrator in more than 50 intellectual property cases.

Greg has represented clients and/or handled mediation cases in
a variety of business matters, which has equipped him with the unique skill
set to help navigate parties through the mediation process. Some of these
matters include:

  • Intellectual property transactions and
  • Product counterfeiting
  • Trade secret
  • Misappropriation of publicity rights
  • Asset
    purchase transactions
  • Business negotiations
  • Import, export
    and US Customs matters
  • Contracts
  • Licensing disputes
  • Corporate governance
  • International litigation
  • Unfair
  • RAND licensing
  • Research and development
  • Employment disputes
  • Non-profit board governance
  • Insurance disputes
  • Regulatory matters

In addition to his illustrious career as an intellectual property litigator, Mr. Wood has obtained
advanced education in mediation and arbitration training.
This has allowed him to develop innovative conflict resolution techniques from
which parties benefit. With this strong foundation and legal experience, Mr.
Wood is able to assist parties in fast-paced business transactions and

Contact a Seasoned Los
Angeles Business Mediator for a Free Legal Consultation

During mediation, Greg Wood listens attentively with objectivity,
pays attention to detail and is focused on discerning the interests of all
parties. At Greg Wood, we work to uncover the underlying interests of the
parties and look for points of compromise so that an amicable resolution is
possible. Our custom-tailored approach allows you to craft a legal solution
that is right for you and the other party. Taking advantage of this
cost-effective option allows you to avoid unnecessary litigation. With more
than 35 years of experience as a litigator and mediator, Greg Wood has an
in-depth understanding of the potential implications of prolonged litigation
and negative publicity.

You can schedule a confidential consultation with Greg Wood by
calling 818-527-1176.