Mediation is an effective way to settle disputes that arise from contract relationships. Disputes arising from differing interpretations, misunderstandings, or simply breaches give rise to a number of issues. Often contacts have arbitration clauses that prescribe non-judicial resolution. Even when there is an arbitration clause, mediation is often effective as a way of quickly and economically resolving issues before arbitration or formal litigation becomes necessary. Mediation is often an effective way of resolving business disputes while preserving the business relationship.

Commercial contract disputes amenable to mediation include IP license agreements, distribution agreements, supply agreements, employment contract disputes, consulting agreements, product development agreements, non-compete agreements, real estate related agreements, purchase and sales agreements, and asset purchase agreements just to mention a few of the types of agreements within Mr. Wood’s experience. Mediation of such disputes is private enabling preservation of confidential terms and conditions, preservation of relationships, and protection of privacy and confidentiality interests of the parties. In addition, mediation offer the very real prospect of considerable savings in time and resources enabling the parties to return their focus to conducting the business.

There are many reasons a contract dispute might arise, but only one way to settle these disputes quickly and efficiently. Though contract dispute mediation, Greg Wood provides California businesses with an efficient and effective option for resolving business contract disputes. Contact him to day at 818-527-1176 or 800-616-1202 to discuss whether mediation is the right solution for your business or contact dispute.